1.6, 1.6.1, and 1.6.2 Update

We have been very busy with some new updates to the iOS app. Version 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 were both minor fixes to the much larger update of 1.6. Most of these changes were the direct result of customer feedback. Some of the larger changes are detailed below:


HDR control has been tweaked slightly. Steps are now listed in actual stop values. The functionality of how the bracketing steps through the values for the selected property (shutter speed, aperture, or ISO) remains the same, it just makes it easier for the user to set up the bracket. Additionally, we added a new HDR setting. The user can select if the list HDR value represent the Highlight (most exposed value), Shadow (least exposed value), or Mid-Point (the middle exposure in the sequence). This setting is located under Settings->Controls.

Compare Images

Between two and four images can now be compared at the same time. This can be done through the card contents view. When two, three, or four thumbnails are selected, the "Compare" button on the bottom bar will become enabled. Tapping it will show you the selected images at the same time. It will not show full resolution images, but you can independently zoom (including pinch zoom) and pan on each image.


A ratings system has been implemented. Now whenever an image is presented a small rating button with three stars will be present underneath. The button itself will actually show the rating, and if selected a little dialog will popup allowing a three star rating to be selected as well as a text comment to be entered. To view all the images on the camera with associated ratings, selected the "Show Ratings List" button within Settings->Ratings. This will show thumbnails, file names, the three star rating, and the comment for each rated image. From here the rating can be double tapped to view the image, the rating can be edited or deleted, or the entire list deleted. To use the ratings list, select the "Email List" button which will provide a way to email the ratings list to yourself, or whomever you choose. Note that while you are connected to the CamRanger network, the email will not actually be sent.


Text watermarks can now be overlaid on top of the images. The watermark settings can be accessed in the Settings->Watermark area. From here the user can enter a word or phrase to use for the watermark, the watermark location (center, bottom right, or bottom left) and the watermark size (small, medium, or large). Lastly the user can select whether or not the watermark should be embedded in images saved to the photo library.


The settings screen has been reorganized to hopefully make it clearer. The settings are now divided into different categories that can be tapped to expand or collapse that category. A settings lock was also added that can be turned on under the Controls section. When on, the settings lock requires the user to enter a password before being able to access the settings. This is intended to prevent clients or other third parties from changing the settings. The code to unlock the settings is always the first 4 character's of the CamRanger's serial code.

Settings1 Settings2


An "Auto-Thumbnails" setting has been added that allows the user to turn off automatic downloading of thumbnails. This can be useful in situations where for example the photographer is in continuous mode and having dozens of thumbnails being downloaded can slow things down. When thumbnail downloading is turned off, a white button will appear with the number of pending thumbnails to be shown. Pressing the button will download any pending thumbnails.So as you can see, this was a pretty major update that added a lot of new functionality. There were also a number of smaller improvements and fixes made as well. So thanks to everyone who provided valuable feedback.