Introducing the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360

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The capabilities of the CamRanger include remotely changing settings, streaming live view, touch focusing, image capture, video recording, advanced HDR, intervalometer, focus stacking, and much more. We have now added the ability to remotely move the camera.

The CamRanger can connect to the MP-360 (MP-101, Bescor, or Hague) motorized tripod head using the new CamRanger PT Hub, which is made in the USA. The tripod head support up to 6 pounds, it's powered by 4 AA batteries or AC power, has unlimited panning, tilts 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down, has diagonal motion, speed control, and is controlled through the CamRanger app. This gives the photographer the ability to do moving time lapses, bulb ramping, panoramas, motion during movie recording, and much more.

CamRanger: Wireless Motorized Tripod (Pan and Tilt for motion, panoramas, time-lapse)

motorized tripod head

The CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 are available together for $229.99. The CamRanger PT hub is available for $119.99 and the tripod head is available for $129.99.

Learn more about the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360. Get yours today.