Movie Recording

The CamRanger is not limited to photography, it is a professional solution for videographers

  • Wireless monitoring - Steam your video feel to multiple iPad, android, mac, or PC
  • Start and stop recording and eliminate camera shake by wirelessly changing settings on your Digital SLR Nikon or Canon camera
  • Configure recording to automatically restart the recording, to prevent built in time limits
  • Change your focus during recording thru touch focusing or precision adjustments.
  • Monitoring only, does not support playback or video file transfer
Focus Peaking

Provides an outline for in focus areas when in live mode and video mode

When capturing video with long lenses, you really don’t want to touch the camera, so working from the iPad in “Live View” is very helpful. In a current project, I’m capturing video on a bald eagle nest with 1000mm (500mm + 2X and Canon 5D MK III), and I monitor the camera without any vibration and know the focus is spot on. I can switch between stills and video at will, all at a safe distance from the nesting birds.

- George Lepp