Night Photography

The CamRanger is great for astrophotography, star trails, and light painting

CamRanger: Wireless Motorized Tripod (Pan and Tilt for motion, panoramas, time-lapse)

  • Take time-lapse and bulb shots without touching the camera
  • The smartphone, tablet, or computer does not need to remain connected during bulb or time-lapse shots
  • No internet or cell connectivity required
  • In ideal circumstances, the replaceable, rechargeable battery can last up to 12 hours when not connected to the iOS or android device
  • Capture images using the volume button
  • See supported cameras for bulb mode support

Intervalometer & Bulb

The CamRanger can be used for Time-lapse and Bulb mode (See supported cameras). Time-lapse can be set up using the CamRanger app and then the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or PC can be disconnected from the device. The battery for the CamRanger can last up to 12 hours on intervelometer.

Night Mode

The night mode feature provides a red overlay to help keep your night vision intact.

This composite image of the moon was at 2240mm with the CamRanger. This configuration doesn’t work at all without the CamRanger. I shoot a 5dMkIII and it only supports live view shooting with the extenders & the 800mm. Focusing is a nightmare by hand, due to inducing bounce in the tripod setup and the general sloppiness of the lens focus control. Debounce time is especially important at that focal length due to the speed with which the moon will “move” out of frame. The CamRanger allows me to quickly achieve critical focus and take the shot remotely, minimizing any mechanical vibration in the rig.

- Josh Parsons

While in Las Vegas last week I tried a large scale light painting technique. It involved a 30 second exposure taken shortly after sunset, during that time I "painted" the rocks and foreground with a flash light to capture the detail. Using my new CamRanger , I was able to control my camera with my iPhone and see the results of each exposure from over 30 feet away

- Paul Bartell

It's like you made it just for me and my work flow. You have made my job way easier, 100% easier, no 150% easier!!! Now people think I'm cooler than I really am! I'm telling all my photo buddies. Thanks a lot!!!

- Dave Wendt