Nikon D5000 Supported Features

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  • Modify Camera Properties
  • Live View
  • Capture Images
  • Capture in All Drive Modes (Single & Continuous Only)
  • View Thumbnails
  • View 100% Resolution JPG
  • View 100% Resolution RAW (View compressed version of NEF)
  • View Meta-Data & RGB Histogram
  • Toggle Auto Focus
  • Live View Zoom
  • Live View Focus
  • Intervalometer
  • HDR/Advanced Bracketing
  • Set Auto Exposure Mode
  • Save Images to device
  • Delete Images from Camera
  • Tag JPG Images with GPS
  • Features not Supported Using the Nikon D5000

  • Record Movie
  • Focus During Movie
  • Focus Stacking
  • Bulb Mode
  • The CamRanger is a wireless DSLR remote, providing advanced control of the camera along with the ability to wirelessly tether and act as a wireless file transmitter for the Nikon D5000. One can adjust the Nikon D5000 settings, stream live view, touch focus, capture images, and set up automatic intervalometer and advanced HDR from up to 150 ft away using an iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Mac, or Windows Computer.

    The CamRanger is an amazing tool for photographers! It can be useful for working with clients and also for educating fellow photographers. I had the opportunity to have a hands on experience using the CamRanger during my PPA Demo presentation. Images were immediately tethered to the projector and attendees were able to watch me shooting and see the resulting image right away. I am so thrilled with the responses from the students and plan to use the CamRanger at all of my live demos!"
    - Alycia Alvarez
    When I saw the CamRanger and all it could do, I was severely skeptical. However, what I found was not only a flawless tether and transfer but also a multitude of options and control. I’ve had it for nearly 6 months now and it’s become such a crucial piece of gear that I’ve had to actually rely on it, both for capture and client.
    - Clay Cook
    When capturing video with long lenses, you really don’t want to touch the camera, so working from the iPad in “Live View” is very helpful. In a current project, I’m capturing video on a bald eagle nest with 1000mm (500mm + 2X and Canon 5D MK III), and I monitor the camera without any vibration and know the focus is spot on. I can switch between stills and video at will, all at a safe distance from the nesting birds.

    - George Lepp

    Here I clamped my full frame DSLR to a 8 foot branch I had found on the race course. I fired up the CamRanger iOS App on my tablet. The CamRanger was instrumental in making this shot happen. I like to pack light and improvise on set. I try not to give the model any direction, I work with them and around them.
    This photograph could of taken a lot more logistics if it wasn't for CamRanger. I was able to check framing, focus, and fire the camera from 80' feet away in 35 degree weather. The CamRanger also fires my wireless strobes with out a problem every time.

    Pepe Cam

    To be able to position and check the photos as I take them is as huge a benefit as the leap from film to digital! Thanks to the team at CamRanger for all their hard work - it has made my life so much easier.

    - Jim Hunter

    Tethered shooting was already a revolutionary aspect to photography, but shooting with a CamRanger… Genius!

    - Yolande Snyders

    I've tried other wireless tethering products before getting hold of the CamRanger. It's user-friendly interface, range of camera compatibility, plus the unit’s small, lightweight dimensions makes it perfect for my remote-control camera platform. It is worrying enough that your subjects have the potential to destroy your gear, so not having to worry about the reliability of your wireless connection allows you to better focus on what you are there for - getting unique shots of them.

    - Charl Senekal