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  • Allows wireless tethering, while also saving to the camera's memory card
  • Use as a wireless transmitter for Nikon and Canon cameras
  • Client mode - image number and watermark comparison, ratings, compatible with Lightroom and Capture One
  • Use live view to preview lighting changes without going back and forth to your camera
  • Selectively share images to multiple devices so directors or clients can observe from a distance
  • Auto import images into Lightroom, Capture One, or into the CamRanger Mac, Windows, Android devices, iPhone, or iPad applications
  • All images are saved onto the camera's memory card
  • For faster viewing, shoot in JPEG and RAW, and view JPEGs within a few seconds
  • Overlay watermarks within the CamRanger iOS or Android apps
  • Import images for custom overlays using the CamRanger iOS app

Client Mode

Compare up to four pictures at a time. Rate and comment on photos, and zoom and pan to get a closer look.

Rate & Comment Images

The photographer or client can rate individual pictures and email the list of thumbnails, image number, ratings, and comments to the photographer when done.

    View Camera Card Contents
  • View image thumbnails on the camera’s memory card.
  • Select images to be permanently deleted or download them and save into the device’s (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, or Mac or Windows computer) photo library.
  • Double tap image to view full resolution image.
Auto View & Client Mode
  • Configure the smart phone, tablet, or computer to automatically display pictures as they are taken.
  • Toggle on “Client Mode” to remove camera controls from the device.
  • Allows others such as clients, directors, or associates to quickly and wirelessly view the shots after they are taken by the photographer at the camera.
Trigger Flashes

Not only does the CamRanger provide feedback and control, the CamRanger can be used to trigger flashes and other hot shoes accessories such as a Pocket Wizard.

Shoot into Lightroom

The CamRanger can be used to shoot directly into Lightroom or Capture One on Mac and Windows computers.
Refer to the article, How to Wirelessly Tether Your Camera to Lightroom, by Ben Von Wong, for more information about shooting into Lightroom.

Share Images to Multiple Devices
  • The photographer can take photos from either the camera or an iPad, iPhone, Android, or computer and have clients, directors, colleagues, or students view the images or live feed from their own device (smart phone, tablet, or computer) using the “CamRanger Share” application which is specific for each platform.
  • If the photographer has the watermark feature turned on then the person using the CamRanger Share app will see watermarks as well on their own device.
Tether Multiple Cameras Simultaneously to One Computer
  • Control and tether multiple cameras and CamRangers simultaneously from either a Mac or Windows computer using the CamRanger Launcher application.
  • Useful during event or portrait photo sessions when multiple cameras are in use.
  • Supported on Mac and Windows computers.
  • Click to learn more about multi camera tethering.
When I saw the CamRanger and all it could do, I was severely skeptical. However, what I found was not only a flawless tether and transfer but also a multitude of options and control. I’ve had it for nearly 6 months now and it’s become such a crucial piece of gear that I’ve had to actually rely on it, both for capture and client.
- Clay Cook
The CamRanger is an amazing tool for photographers! It can be useful for working with clients and also for educating fellow photographers. I had the opportunity to have a hands on experience using the CamRanger during my PPA Demo presentation. Images were immediately tethered to the projector and attendees were able to watch me shooting and see the resulting image right away. I am so thrilled with the responses from the students and plan to use the CamRanger at all of my live demos!"
- Alycia Alvarez
I was shooting a poster with a girls sports team laying on the floor. I have done this before in the past, but from a ladder, leaning out with camera at arms length, shooting several before I got one aimed right. This time, I used my CamRanger, and attached my camera to my Manfrotto adjustable boom arm. Using the cranks on the end of the boom, I could turn and tilt my camera, while watching on my iPad and shooting from the iPad. MUCH nicer and more controlled.

- Gary Box

I shot this with a Canon MKIII tethered to an iPad 3 using the Camranger wireless unit. It worked perfectly and was a great help in letting me check sharpness in the eyes while using these lenses that require manual focusing.

- Patrick Shipstad

Click for a tutorial on using CamRanger with a LensBaby

The CamRanger has been a game changer for me. My clients love the instant connection they have to their images and I love how practical and useful it is to use at events!

- Sean Switzer