Sports & Action

Capture great images during the action while not becoming the center of the event

  • Use Live View to compose your image and remotely change camera settings and capture images
  • Compose and adjust your shot without going back and forth to your camera
  • Allows wireless tethering, while also saving to the camera's memory card
  • Get immediate feedback for more efficient shoots
  • Perfect for when the camera is behind the backboard, in an awkward position, or out of reach
  • Trigger flashes, Pocket Wizard, and other hot shoe accessories can be used with the CamRanger
  • Share images to Facebook, Twitter, flickr, Instagram, FTP, and much more
I bolted the camera to my car and had a try at some high speed tracking shots. – A shot of something I wouldn’t have been able to take without your awesome product. The CamRanger is amazing – really, really helped out, stopped me having to walk back to the camera all the time to check the photo, can show it to my editor without having to ask him to get on the floor to look at the back of the camera, and well the large iPad screen size is also a bonus for reviewing pictures.

-Si Gray

I shot this at the beginning of the Naptown Tornado Sirens Roller Derby bout last Saturday night. I had my Canon 5D Mark II up on a I beam with a 16mm lens. I was curious as to how the CamRanger would work with 3,000 people using cell phones floating around inside of a giant metal structure. The Box says it’s good to 50 meters, but I was using easily as far away as 70 meters while I was playing around and getting people to say how cool having a live birds eye view of the arena was from my cell phone.

-Marc Lebry

Here I clamped my full frame DSLR to a 8 foot branch I had found on the race course. I fired up the cam ranger iOS App on my tablet. The cam ranger was instrumental in making this shot happen. I like to pack light and improvise on set. I try not to give the model any direction, I work with them and around them.

- Pepe Cam

This photograph could of taken a lot more logistics if it wasn't for CamRanger. I was able to check framing, focus, and fire the camera from 80' feet away in 35 degree weather. The CamRanger also fires my wireless strobes with out a problem every time.
What instantly impressed me was how easy it is to set up compared to a complicated process for similar devices.

- Gregg Ellman

I connected the CamRanger to my Canon 1DX, which was mounted on a backboard at a college basketball game. Images were shot and edited with my iPad, enabling them to be seen just as the action happened. The unit can be used while you’re taking photos or you can attach it to a camera to read what’s on the memory card after a day of shooting.