CamRanger Windows 1.0 Application Release

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Windows Wireless Tethering

The CamRanger application is now available for photographers using Windows. This application is supported on Windows 7 and 8 (Note: the Windows phone and Windows 8 RT are not supported). Click to download Windows Version 1.0. Please contact us at
with any issues with the application.

Features Included
  • Live View
  • Image capture
  • Record video
  • View and set camera properties
  • Wireless tethering / image transfer
  • View camera card contents
  • View meta data and live view histogram
  • Setup automatic Focus Stacking, Intervalometer. and HDR
  • Share images to multiple devices
  • Supports use with the CamRanger PT Hub, MP-360, and StackShot
  • Shoot into Lightroom or other similar software