CamRanger PT Hub

Expand your photography, range, and imagination with the CamRanger PT Hub

CamRanger: Wireless Motorized Tripod (Pan and Tilt for motion, panoramas, time-lapse)

Motorized Tripod Head (MP-360)
& CamRanger PT Hub together
for $229.99

CamRanger PT Hub & MP-360


  • When the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 are used with the CamRanger, the user can easily pan or tilt the camera from within the CamRanger app
  • The MP-360 can rotate 360 degrees, with unlimited rotation, and tilt a total of 30 degrees, 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down
  • Use to generate panoramas and motion timelapses
  • Incorporate HDR bracketing with automated or manual pan/tilt programing allowing for more customization
  • Useful for video recording

CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 Specifications

  • The CamRanger PT Hub will work with the existing MP-360, MP-101, Bescor, or Hague tripod heads
  • The CamRanger PT Hub is powered by the CamRanger
  • The MP-360 weighs 2 pounds with the 4 AA batteries and can support up to 6 pounds
  • The MP-360 is powered by 4 AA batteries or with an optional AC adaptor


Bottom view of MP-360. Uses a standard 1/4" diameter - 20 thread for mounting to the tripod or quick release plate

How it Works

  • To control the MP-360 tripod head from the iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mac or Windows computer the hardware setup requires a CamRanger, CamRanger PT Hub, and MP-360 (or MP-101, Bescor or Hague tripod head)
  • The MP-360 is controlled through the CamRanger app. An additional tab within the app allows for control of the MP-360
  • The MP-360 connects to the CamRanger, CamRanger PT Hub, and DSLR camera to allow wireless control of the camera and movement of the camera
  • When using an iPad or iPhone the MP-360 can be remotely controlled without a supported camera connected. However, other platforms require a camera to be connected.
  • The MP-360 connects to an existing tripod head and not directly to tripod legs.

Mount the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 to a Pole for more Camera Angles

Textbox Section

I am VERY PLEASED with my CamRanger and MP-360. It has been everything I had hoped it would be. It has let me get some amazing shots with relatively inexpensive gear AND without having to sit in a blind all day (that’s gotten a bit tedious at 70 years old!). You’re making a great product and I love it.

- Kenton Miller, PhD

"> Outdoor bird photo by Kenton Miller using the CamRanger, motorized tripod head, and CamRanger PT Hub "/>
"> Outdoor squirrel photo by Kenton Miller using the CamRanger, motorized tripod head, and CamRanger PT Hub
Pole Setup with CamRanger, CamRanger PT Hub, and MP-360
Captured Image
iPhone view
I could not be happier with my CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360. The results are there. Going to make my life and job a heck of a lot easier and safer - no more painters pole for me and no more guesswork.
- Craig Capello