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Wireless Tethering and Remote Control for Fujifilm Cameras

Perform advanced camera control and fast, wireless tethering with your Fujifilm camera with the CamRanger 2. The CamRanger 2 has software and an app for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Mac and Windows computers. To see an overview of the CamRanger 2, click the video.

CamRanger Demo Video

The CamRanger 2 has more features than and is a great alternative to Fujifilm’s Camera Remote app. The CamRanger 2 provides much better WiFi performance, including better range, and is much easier to set up and use. The CamRanger has long been a top piece of camera equipment for Nikon and Canon shooters and the CamRanger 2 adds support for Fuji cameras as well.

Supported Fujifilm Cameras

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CamRanger 2 Features for Fujifilm

Wireless WiFi Icon
Dual Band WiFi – up to 500 ft
Camera Exposure Settings
View & Adjust Settings
Video Movie Recording Icon
Record Videos
Capture and View Image Icon
View & Capture Images
Social Media Icon
Social Media, FTP, Dropbox
Time Lapse Icon
Time Lapse / Timer
Wireless WiFi Speed
5x faster WiFi than original
HDR Exposure Bracketing Icon
HDR / Exposure Bracketing
Macro Focus Stacking Icon
Macro & Focus Stacking
Live View Icon
Live View & Touch Focus
Share Images Icon
Share to Multiple Devices
Barcode Workflow Icon
Barcode Workflow
SD Card Icon
SD Card Backup
Rate Images Icon
Compare & Rate Images
Motorized Tripod Head Icon
Motorized Pan-Tilt Tripod Head

Fujifilm Camera Setup for Wireless control and tethering

Please also check out or setup page for Fuji cameras, and our video on the setup for a Fujifilm camera for fast wireless tethering:

Fujifilm Wireless Tethering Demo
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