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Wireless Tethering and Remote Control for Fujifilm Cameras with the CamRanger 2

Perform advanced camera control and fast, wireless tethering with your Fujifilm camera with the CamRanger 2. The CamRanger 2 has software and an app for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Mac and Windows computers.

To see an overview of the CamRanger 2, click the video.

A better alternative to the Fujifilm Camera Remote App

The CamRanger 2 is a great alternative to in camera WiFi and Fujifilm’s Camera Remote app. The CamRanger 2 provides much better WiFi performance, including better range, and is much easier to set up and use. The CamRanger 2 app also has many more features than Fujifilm’s app. The CamRanger has long been a top piece of camera equipment for Nikon and Canon shooters and the CamRanger 2 adds support for Fujifilm cameras as well. So if you find yourself struggling with the Fujifilm camera remote app, check out what the CamRanger 2 can do to improve your photography and make you more efficient.

Supported Fujifilm Cameras

CamRanger 2 Reviews from Customers

CamRanger 2 Features for Fujifilm

Wireless WiFi Icon
Dual Band WiFi – up to 500 ft
Camera Exposure Settings
View & Adjust Settings
Video Movie Recording Icon
Record Videos
Capture and View Image Icon
View & Capture Images
Social Media Icon
Social Media, FTP, Dropbox
Time Lapse Icon
Time Lapse / Timer
Wireless WiFi Speed
5x faster WiFi than original
HDR Exposure Bracketing Icon
HDR / Exposure Bracketing
Macro Focus Stacking Icon
Macro & Focus Stacking
Live View Icon
Live View & Touch Focus
Share Images Icon
Share to Multiple Devices
Barcode Workflow Icon
Barcode Workflow
SD Card Icon
SD Card Backup
Rate Images Icon
Compare & Rate Images
Motorized Tripod Head Icon
Motorized Pan-Tilt Tripod Head

Fujifilm Camera Setup for Wireless control and tethering

Please also check out or setup page for Fujifilm cameras, and our video on the setup for a Fujifilm camera for fast wireless tethering:

Fujifilm Wireless Tethering Demo
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