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The following are recommended settings for using a Fujifilm camera with the CamRanger 2. Not all camera models will necessarily have all of these settings.

An SD card is required in the CamRanger 2 when using a Fujifilm camera. Most Fuji cameras will also draw power over USB whenever possible. This results in much lower battery life (about 2.5 hrs instead of 5 hrs).

  • Wireless: All WiFi settings and connections should be disabled/off.
  • Power Management->Auto Power Off: Camera setting that controls the camera powering off. This should be set off.
  • Connection Setting->PC Connection Mode: Camera setting that controls the saving of images. This should be set to USB Tether Shooting Auto. Then images will be saved to the camera’s SD card and sent to the CamRanger.
  • Save Fuji RAWs: A CamRanger setting to help speed image previews. If the photographer wants quick previews, and the image format is set to RAW+JPG. The RAW image will not be saved to the CamRanger and just the JPG image will be used. It is important that the PC Connection Mode is set correctly as detailed above.
  • USB Power Supply: If present, set to off so that the camera does not drain the CamRanger 2 battery.
  • Long Exposure NR: Camera setting that enables automatically taking a “dark frame subtraction” shot after captures of longer shutter speeds. It will result in incorrect timing for intervalometer sequences.
  • 35mm Crop Mode: If enabled, the 35mm crop mode will prevent certain features from working, notably touch focus and live view zoom.

Also check out our video on the setup for a Fujifilm for fast wireless tethering.

Fujifilm Wireless Tethering Demo
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