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Wildlife Photography

Bird Wildlife Photography

Wirelessly control your camera with  a tablet, phone or computer!

Get Your Camera Up Close And Personal With Wildlife

  • Wirelessly connect to your camera with a range of up to 500 feet.
  • Adjust exposure and focus right from the CamRanger app; Perfect for long-lens photography!
  • The CamRanger creates its own WiFi signal, so you can use it in the middle of the woods, the desert, or your own back yard.
  • Remotely control and adjust composition using the motorized pan/tilt tripod head and CamRanger PT Hub

The Perfect Wireless Tether For Your Wildlife Photography

How can you ensure your subject is composed well, exposed properly, in-focus, and captured on time, all while you ensure you aren’t scaring them away in the process? When it comes to wildlife photography, there’s one tool that photographers turn to time and again: The CamRanger.

Examples Of Wildlife Photography With The CamRanger

Get A Live-View When Your Camera Is Out Of Reach

Wildlife photography tends to happen best when you’re not sitting right behind your camera. So how can you know when your subject is even in the frame, let alone in focus? 

With the CamRanger, you can stay connected to your camera through your phone, tablet, or computer, from up to 500 feet away. You can change exposure settings, tweak white balance, adjust focus, and more, while getting a live-view of what your camera sees!

Remote Wildlife Camera

Strong Wireless Connection Wherever You Are


When you’re on the prowl for that perfect wildlife photo, chances are you won’t be close to a cell-tower or a strong WiFi signal. You need a tool that you can count on when you’re in the middle of nowhere. 

The CamRanger creates its own strong WiFi signal for your phone, tablet, or computer. So you can connect your iPhone or iPad and not have to worry about a poor connection when it comes time to capture that perfect shot!

Use the PT Hub & MP-360 To Remotely Pan And Tilt Your Camera

If you’re looking to gain even more control over your composition for wildlife photography, look no further than the PT Hub & MP-360!

Combining the advanced control of the CamRanger with the range of motion of a motorized tripod head gives you the control you need to ensure your composition is picture-perfect. Best of all, you still have a range of up to 500 feet from your camera, so you won’t need to scare away your subject!

PT Hub and MP-360 motorized tripod head

Our Customer Reviews Speak For Themselves


I’m using all three CamRanger products: Camranger 2, PT Hub & MP360. These products make wildlife photography a breeze.  I have the tripod and setup on my deck, focused on my bird feeders and take the shot inside using an iPad.” – Marshall


Without the CamRanger, I’d have to sit patiently and quietly watching for activity for long periods of time and still might scare away the birds when I lifted my camera to my eye. However, with the CamRanger I can set up my camera focused at the right spot and check my iPad view to click the photo from inside the house, often while I’m doing other things at my computer.” – Janice


“I used it for wildlife photography from a place where I could not see the camera. Connection was speedy and reliable.” – Carl

Camera Compatibility Chart

The features offered through the CamRanger are available for a wide range of cameras through CamRanger products. The CamRanger 2 is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm cameras, while the CamRanger mini is compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras. Be sure to check our list of supported cameras to ensure your specific camera model is included!

Control With Your Phone, Tablet, Or Computer

When it comes to controlling your camera, the CamRanger 2 software is available on Android, iPad/iPhone, MacOS, and Windows platforms. Install the app on your phone, tablet, or desktop and gain control of your camera to fine tune focus from up to 500 feet away from your CamRanger 2! The CamRanger Mini app is only available on Android and iOS platforms.

The features available on each platform vary, so be sure to review our feature comparison list to see what platform will work best for you. 

Tutorials And Tips For Using Your CamRanger​

We’ve put together a Knowledge Base that will walk you through the process of setting up your camera and the CamRanger app so that you can feel prepared when you step on to the scene for a shoot.

For more tips, techniques, and tutorials, be sure to check out our YouTube channel! Here are a few videos to help get you started:

Do More With Your Camera

When it comes to wildlife photography, there’s one tool that proves to be a life-saver when it comes to ensuring you maintain advanced control of your camera while allowing you to observe from afar. The CamRanger is the must-have tool for your photography toolkit!