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Macro & Focus Stacking

hornet focus stacking

With the help of CamRanger, use automatic focus stacking to get your macro shots in micro time.

  • Use your large screen on a tablet to check and change critical focus, and magnify live view for extreme detail
  • Touch the live view image to focus on that spot or fine tune with precise adjustments
  • Perform automatic focus stacking, bracket the focal planes to result in a larger depth of field
  • Perfect for when your camera is in the weeds, under the bushes, or out of reach

Advanced Focus Control

  • Adjust focus with “touch focus”, touch the area of interest in live view, or make incremental focus adjustments with the arrow buttons
  • Improved focus stacking
    • Select near and far focus points
    • CamRanger automatically calculates focus changes and captures all images

Check out the knowledge base for more information on focus control and focus stacking.

focus stacking iOS tab