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Macro Photography

CamRanger Macro Photography Setup

With the CamRanger connected to your camera:

  • Perform easy, automatic focus stacking
  • Get macro photos with razor sharp focus
  • View live view, review images, and adjust and control your camera

All done wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or computer!

Examples of Macro Photography with the CamRanger

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Easy, Automatic Focus Stacking

Insect Sharp Focus

Focus stacking is the process of capturing multiple images each with a slight change in focus. These images can then be combined in post processing for enhanced depth of field. But the process of capturing all these images can be intimidating and time-consuming.

The CamRanger makes this process easy for you. You compose your shot, set your near and far focus points, and let your CamRanger do the rest. It will calculate the number of images needed to ensure that your subject is in perfect focus.

Macro Photos with Razor Sharp Focus

When it comes to Macro photography, getting perfectly sharp focus is crucial. With the CamRanger, you can utilize the large screen of a tablet or computer to check and adjust focus, giving you precise control over your camera and lens.

You’ll be able to see details you can easily miss on a smaller screen, and with the CamRanger focus controls, you’ll be able to get your focus exactly where you want it for your image.  

Jewelry Photography

Advanced Control and Feedback from your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

iPad Hornet Focus Stacking

The CamRanger allows you to utilize your phone, tablet, or laptop to check composition, exposure, and most importantly for macro images: focus.

For example, use your iPhone or iPad to magnify the live view of the camera and those small details you may have missed. From there, you can capture images and adjust settings like focus, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and more, all within the CamRanger software.

Our Customer Reviews Speak for Themselves


“I took several photos with the macro lens to check the quality of the focus control and I was astonished with precision of the calculation. My camera took 72 pictures that I processed with Photoshop and I created one perfect in-focus image, all in one go.” – Oliver


“The CamRanger 2 is the BEST addition to my photography gear in a long time! It is it so convenient to use and has become indispensable for my macrophotography.” – Nancy


“The fact that on the CamRanger 2 you can select the starting and the ending points of a stack is the best feature of this new product for me. No more guessing. The CamRanger 2 determines the number of shots you have to take to get the subject in full focus. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to easily enter the world of full-focus macro photography.” – Alfredo

Camera Compatibility Chart

Focus Stacking, focus adjustment, and a host of other features are available for a wide range of cameras through CamRanger products. The CamRanger 2 is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm cameras, while the CamRanger mini is compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras. Be sure to check our list of supported cameras to ensure your specific camera model is included!

Control With Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

When it comes to controlling your camera, the CamRanger 2 software is available on Android, iPad/iPhone, MacOS, and Windows platforms. Install the app on your phone, tablet, or desktop and gain control of your camera to fine tune focus from up to 500 feet away from your CamRanger 2! The CamRanger Mini app is only available on Android and iOS platforms.

The features available on each platform vary, so be sure to review our feature comparison list to see what platform will work best for you. 

See the CamRanger 2 in Action

Tutorials and Tips for Focus Stacking

We’ve put together a Knowledge Base that will walk you through the process of setting up your camera and the CamRanger app for focus stacking. This page includes video tutorials for each of the specific camera brands, Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm, along with detailed instructions on advanced focus stacking procedures. Check out the Focus Stacking Knowledge Base page and then check out the other tutorials available to you!

For more tips, techniques, and tutorials, be sure to check out our YouTube channel! Here are a few videos to help get you started:

Do More with your Camera

If you want to dive into Macro Photography for the first time, or you want to make your workflow more efficient for Focus Stacking, the CamRanger is the must-have accessory for your photography toolkit!