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Self-Portrait Photography

Remote Camera Control Self Portrait

The Only Accessory You Need For Self-Portrait Photography

  • Use Live view to compose the image on a larger screen like an iPhone or iPad
  • Remotely change exposure settings, fine-tune focus, and capture images
  • Review images on your device without going back and forth to the camera
  • Set up the quick and easy in-app intervalometer to catch self-portrait action shots

Wirelessly control your camera with a tablet, phone or computer!

Self-Portraits Made Easy

Self-portraits often come with the frustration of running back and forth to the camera to check composition, focus, exposure, which can suck up hours of your time in a shoot. But the CamRanger removes the frustration and allows you to maintain total control of your camera settings right from your phone, tablet, or computer through a strong and reliable wireless connection.

Use Your Large Screens To Review And Make Adjustments

When you’re both the photographer and the model, you don’t have the benefit of someone confirming that you’re in focus, that you’re posed properly, or that your exposure settings are just right. You’re forced into a trial-and-error photo shoot where you’re constantly running to check your camera, make an adjustment, move back into frame and hope that you’re in the correct position, rinse and repeat. 

Thankfully, the CamRanger removes the back-and-forth and allows you to use both live-view in the app as well as review images immediately after they’re taken. With a larger screen, like that of an iPhone or iPad, you can make adjustments to focus to ensure your image is razor sharp, and also check your composition in real time to make sure everything in the photo is framed properly.

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Strong Wireless Connection For Your Camera

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When you’re taking self-portraits, the last thing you want is to be tethered to your computer or tablet via a wired connection, especially if your photo requires you to be far away from your camera. 

With the CamRanger, you can wirelessly connect to your camera with a range of up to 500 feet away. Open up a whole new world of self-portraits by stepping further away from your camera while maintaining a reliable connection to adjust your camera’s settings.

Capture Action Shots For Your Self-Portraits

If there’s ever an area of self-portraits that is complex and frustrating, it’s action shots. Without a CamRanger, you’re left guessing and repeating the same action, sometimes hundreds of times, in the hopes that you timed everything perfectly and happened to get that one good shot. 

Remove the guesswork and let the CamRanger do the work for you. Using the intervalometer in the CamRanger app, you can set up how many images you want taken and the time between each photo, and the CamRanger will take care of the rest. No more guessing; just set up the sequence, perform your action for the self-portrait, and then you’re done!

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Customer Reviews That Speak For Themselves


The convenience of having an external monitor, and all the camera controls on my iPad, that is almost 5X larger than my camera back, is a game changer. Looking back, I wonder how I ever got along without this marvelous device. Thank you for a great product.” – Robert


“The native app offered by my camera  is unreliable and does not allow full functionality. Hence I bought the new CamRanger 2. Works as advertised and the tutorials are very helpful. I am very satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone that wants a reliable means to control their camera remotely.” – Allen


My buddies and I shoot each other on mountain bike and motorcycle jumps. Being able to operate the shutter from a phone at a distance allows us to make the most of our ride time while still taking excellent photos.” – Gordon

Camera Compatibility Chart

The features offered through the CamRanger are available for a wide range of cameras through CamRanger products. The CamRanger 2 is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm cameras, while the CamRanger mini is compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras. Be sure to check our list of supported cameras to ensure your specific camera model is included!

Control With Your Phone, Tablet, Or Computer

When it comes to controlling your camera, the CamRanger 2 software is available on Android, iPad/iPhone, MacOS, and Windows platforms. Install the app on your phone, tablet, or desktop and gain control of your camera to fine tune focus from up to 500 feet away from your CamRanger 2! The CamRanger Mini app is only available on Android and iOS platforms.

The features available on each platform vary, so be sure to review our feature comparison list to see what platform will work best for you. 

Tutorials And Tips For Using Your CamRanger​

We’ve put together a Knowledge Base that will walk you through the process of setting up your camera and the CamRanger app so that you can feel prepared when you step on to the scene for a shoot.

For more tips, techniques, and tutorials, be sure to check out our YouTube channel! Here are a few videos to help get you started:

Do More With Your Camera

Self-portraits are a fun and unique way to capture your images, and with the CamRanger in your toolkit, you can remove the frustration that tends to come with the full process. Let the CamRanger do the work for you and you can focus on doing what you do best!