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Android tablet product photography

Cut the cord and tether wirelessly to effectively and efficiently get your shots for commercial photography.

  • Compose and adjust the shot without going back and forth to the camera
  • Get immediate feedback for more efficient shoots
  • Selectively share images to multiple devices so directors or clients can observe from a distance
  • Control the camera while it is in awkward positions
  • Can also do automatic focus stacking for an enhanced depth of field


product photography

From the time I opened the box to the time I had an image from my Canon 1Ds Mark III to the iPad was about that 5 minutes…. Unbelievable! It’s just too easy. Now I have just want I need for those hard to shoot situations where the art director needs to see exactly what’s going on with out all the fuss of cables and computers.

Out in the field where having a cable connected to your laptop is not practical, the CamRanger really shines as an incredible advantage. The software has all the features you could ask for in a wireless system.

Jim DiVitale

When I heard of the CamRanger, I was excited about the possibility of using it on my automotive rig shots. Previously, I was having to set up the rig and camera, roll the car, stop, adjust the exposure, roll the car, stop, adjust, etc., etc. Now I can do the setup one time and make my shutter speed adjustments on the fly, which saves a huge amount of time when lighting conditions are changing rapidly. This allows me to quickly capture a range of good exposures for the correct motion effect in the wheels and the road, and a good exposure for the sky. I look forward to exploring new ways to use the CamRanger!

Jim DeFoor

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sports car camera rig
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To be able to position and check the photos as I take them is as huge a benefit as the leap from film to digital! Thanks to the team at CamRanger for all their hard work – it has made my life so much easier.