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Aerial & Pole Photography

Use the CamRanger to take your photography to new heights! The CamRanger is great for pole photography and aerial photography.

Running race photography
DSLR pole setup
  • Use Live view to compose the image, remotely change camera settings, and capture images
  • Remotely move the camera with the motorized pan/tilt tripod head and CamRanger PT Hub
  • Excellent alternative to drones
  • Great for aerial surveying, as it can be set on intervalometer

Raise your camera for a whole new perspective

real estate ground level

Ground level

real estate pole aerial

With a pole

runners ground level

Ground level

runners aerial

With a pole

Photos provided by John Sinderdinck, using a carbon fiber pole from

Combine with the PT Hub & MP-360 to remotely pan and tilt your camera

Yellowstone camera pole

CamRanger, PT Hub, and MP-360 at top of pole

Yellowstone pole photography

View from camera