CamRanger 2

CamRanger mini with camera and iPad

CamRanger mini

Advanced wireless camera control, in a smaller size, at a smaller price.

Do More with your Camera

Wireless tethering has many uses, enabling photographers to get better shots and in less time. The CamRanger can open up new possibilities.

The original and best

In 2012, the original CamRanger revolutionized wireless tethering and since then has been the top choice for photographers. We are dedicated to producing professional level technical solutions and top-notch support. These efforts have certainly been recognized in the industry.

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Professional Features

Camera WiFi


Wirelessly control your camera with the CamRanger generated WiFi network. Or shoot from your camera and wirelessly transfer images to a phone, tablet, or computer.

view images

View & Capture Images

Capture images remotely or with the camera. View full resolution images to check composition and exposure. Zoom in to check details.

camera settings properties

Camera Settings

Remotely change and view camera settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Drive/Shooting Mode, Focus, Metering Mode, Image Format, Exposure Mode, and more.

live view

Live View

Wirelessly stream live view to your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Mac or Windows computer.  Check focus by zooming in.

HDR bracketing

HDR / Bracketing

Don’t be limited by your camera’s bracketing options. The CamRanger provides for much more powerful and flexible bracketing options.

timer intervalometer


Perform advanced time lapse sequences and custom timer shots. Precisely control bulb shots as well. 

video recording

Record Video

Wirelessly record movies to view and edit later. Start and stop recording, adjust focus, and see what is being recorded.

macro photography tablet

Macro / Focus

Perfect for macro photography where your camera is in awkward locations or very precise focus control is needed. Use automatic focus stacking for enhanced depth of field.

motorized tripod head

Motorized Tripod Head

Remotely pan and tilt your camera with the optional PT Hub and MP-360 motorized tripod head.