CamRanger 2

From: $349.99

From: $349.99

The CamRanger 2 hardware device is required to use the CamRanger 2 app. The CamRanger 2 is only compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices.

CamRanger is NOT  for unsupported cameras. Please refer to the list of Supported Cameras

The unit comes with the following:

  • Black Protective Case
  • Battery
  • White Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Black USB Cable for Camera Connection (select appropriate camera)
  • Hot Shoe Mount
  • Quick Start Guide

Any CamRanger 2 will work with any supported camera, however, the USB cable can be different for different cameras. So please select your camera to ensure the correct cable is included. You can typically use the USB cable that came with your camera.

The 8-pin Nikon cable is 20″ long. All other cables are 8″ long. If you need a longer cable, please make a note in your order.

Please contact us for orders over 5 units.

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Customer Reviews

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Opened up a whole new avenue of creativity!

Still using my Canon 5d mkiii until Canon comes out with a great mirrorless 5d mk v. But I think that's what a lot of us are waiting for.
I been using the CamRanger 2 for portrait work. So nice to set everything from the CamRanger and get my photos instantly and wirelessly. Also, the real fun has been doing some macro work, using the focus stacking and playing around with the flash and iso. Just makes everything so simple and fast that you'll want to experiment and do things you just didn't have time for in the past.
Time to get this. It's primed for future cameras as well as the one I have.

CamRanger 2

This thing is awesome. I was so tired of worrying about the tether cord to my computer and now it’s gone. I am pushing small jpg files to an iPad Pro for clients and no longer worrying about sending them through that damn tether cord. The fact that my Sony A7R4 let’s me specify sending only a small jpg to the CamRanger means that I no longer have to worry about my computer trying to ingest and render huge raw files.

Camranger 2

This Camranger 2 is a huge improvement over the original. It is better built, faster and has so much more features. This is a must buy for any photographer trying to take their photos to the next level in creativity.

Great piece of hardware

I'm a commercial photographer. I used the original Camranger with the Nikon system but have switched to Sony for some time. We bought the new Camranger 2 for our work. We typically shoot abut 1500-2000 shots per day, and the client is always on set viewing the image on the iPad Air 2.

The Camranger 2 consistent performs well, the JPG data transfer is flawless. However, there are 3 issues that the user needs to note:

1. The Camranger 2 software is optimized for iOS. The MacOS software works slightly different. eg, there is no pinch zoom on MacOS.

2. The battery does not last for a full day of shooting of 1500 to 2000 shots of 18MP JPGs. The 2nd battery is needed.

3. In some locations, there's an error with "Camranger connection lost". The Camranger 2 will not connect either to the iPad or the Macbook Pro. These locations are in buildings with many Wifi connections. We are not sure why this happens but once we are out of the location the Camranger 2 works fine.

Bulky and more cumbersome than version 1

I have only used the CamRanger 2 with a Canon set up thus far. I'm glad to finally see an increase in speed from capture to display for those of us who shoot a bit more rapid fire than others. There is a significant delay in getting the CamRanger 2 to detect over wifi when powering on or waking from sleep however. I have not tested all the features yet, but the new app seems to be an improvement as well. The major downside to the newest version (besides the hefty price) is the way in which it attaches to the hot shoe. The included piece of hardware, which screws into the bottom of the unit, never seems to keep the CR in place on top of the camera once it's connected to the cables. I tightened it down as much as I could and facing in the direction so as not to press against my forehead, but a slight twist or pull from the cable sends the CR spinning around. I had an alternative mount for the CR1, but since this CR2 is so much thicker and bulkier, it does not work in the same mount. I have yet to find a permanent solution. The case that came with the CR2 with tiny carabiner, is not an option for hanging like the CR1 pouch IMO. So far, I'm 50/50 on this purchase.