CamRanger 2


The CamRanger 2 allows you to wirelessly tether and control select cameras from iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows device. It creates it’s own WiFi network and you don’t need any existing Internet or WiFi network. The CamRanger 2 connects to your camera with a USB cable.

CamRanger 2 Red Dot Award WinnerWinner of a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

CamRanger is NOT  for unsupported cameras. Please refer to the list of Supported Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony Cameras

The unit comes with the following:

Any CamRanger 2 will work with any supported camera, however, the USB cable can be different for different cameras. So please select your camera to ensure the correct cable is included. You can typically use the USB cable that came with your camera.

All USB cables are 8″ long. If you need a longer cable, please make a note in your order.

Buy with confidence. The CamRanger 2 has a 30 day return period and a 1 year warranty.

Please contact us for orders of 5 or more units.

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan D.
CamRanger 2 Works Well - With a caveat

Setting up and using the CamRanger was fairly easy after following the instructions and video. The CamRanger works as advertised with my Sony A1, but it drains by camera battery in a very short time, after approx. 30 minutes of being connected. I followed the instructions, and I cannot figure out where the problem is?

Hi Bryan, the CamRanger doesn't drain any battery from the camera. It does prevent the camera from sleeping, which can impact battery life. The first thing I would check is with a different camera battery. If the battery is old and has depleted capacity, that could be the problem.


It s the best wifi modul I have ever used on my camera. The product and a communication with the help desk is really nice.

Karolina P.
Love my CamRanger2

Love my CamRanger2. Great piece of equipment in my camera bag now. It’s so easy to use. I regret I got it so late.

Peter D.
Z9 with Camranger 2

I started of with the Camranger 1 which I found that in general the Wi-fi connection to be a bit hit and miss even at close distances so changed to the Camranger 2 which solved that problem.
I found that the battery of the Camranger 2 usually runs down after about a four hour shoot which I believe is with in spec so wanted another one to switch over when needed, getting one was at the time not possible in the uk so I had to get one in the end from the USA. That really was painful money wise.
When questioning Park Cameras and wex photography about getting a replacement battery they both told me that they are discontinuing supplying the Camranger 2 and accessories.
I use the Camranger on every shoot in the studio and on Location and find it easy to use, the only thing that really bugs me is the port on the side of the case I would much rather it was on the end as on the Camranger 1 then it would be perfect. The really high price in the uk is another problem that I should imagine is killing sales.

Daniel B.
CamRanger on Pole

we only use with 19 ' Photomast carbonfiber Pole, with nikon d7100 10mm lenses, for past 8 years - for Real Estate Photos - Great results - compared to standing on curb on (as I used to do) stand on ladder - fantastic product