CamRanger Battery

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The original CamRanger, CamRanger mini, and CamRanger 2 are all powered by an internal battery.

Original CamRanger Battery

The original CamRanger battery lasts about 5-6 hours. It is a custom, rechargeable, replaceable lithium-ion battery. Spare batteries are available. It can be charged in the unit using a micro USB cable. Refurbished, disabled CamRanger’s are also available to be used as a charger so the battery can be charged outside of the CamRanger unit.

CamRanger mini Battery

The CamRanger mini battery lasts about 3 hours. It is an internal battery that cannot be replaced and is charged inside the unit with a micro USB cable.

CamRanger 2 Battery

The CamRanger 2 battery lasts about 5 hours. It is a custom, rechargeable replaceable, replaceable lithium-ion battery. It is NOT a AA or AAA battery. Spare batteries are available. The battery can be charged within the CamRanger 2 unit with a micro USB cable, or using an external battery charger that can charge 2 batteries at a time.

Some Sony and Fuji cameras can draw power over the USB cable when connected to the CamRanger. With Sony cameras, this can be and should be disabled within and the camera’s menu. Fuji cameras do not allow this to be disabled and so the CamRanger battery life will be about half when using most Fuji cameras.

Battery Life Tips

All three different CamRangers can be used while charging. For example, a USB power bank can be used to extend the battery life while shooting.

The CamRanger 2 has dual band WiFi: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. If only one network is being used, the unused network can be disabled within the WebGUI. Disabling an unused WiFi network can increase the battery life by about 10%.