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Architectural & Real Estate Photography

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The CamRanger allows you to be quick and light on location and is perfect for architectural and real estate photography.

  • Use Live view to compose the image, remotely change camera settings, and capture images
  • Allows wireless tethering, while also saving to the camera’s memory card
  • Compose and adjust the shot and lighting without going back and forth to the camera
  • Use gridline overlays and electronic level to assist with positioning
  • Get immediate feedback for more efficient shoots
  • Control the camera in awkward positions


Bob Ortiz Real Estate Light Painting

I shoot real estate in Laguna Beach, $5-$30 Million Dollar homes. So with CamRanger I need to shoot up to 30 images and paint with light walking around the homes as my CamRanger Mini fires every shot with a Canon 6Dii.

Bob Ortiz

The CamRanger helps with my work in several ways. First and foremost the ability to see images on a laptop or iPad is crucial to my work. Examining an image on the back of the camera does not give me enough information, seeing the image larger helps me to evaluate the composition and examine the details. Another great benefit is the ability to fire the camera from a distance. This is handy when the camera is mounted high on a tripod or when I’m adjusting lighting that is not close to the camera – thus reducing my need to waste time running back and forth to take test shots. All in all the CamRanger has changed the way I shoot on location. My clients love it as well!

real estate photography
boat photography

We used the CamRanger for the first time last night shooting the interior of a 41 ft yacht. It worked perfectly! Perfect for shooting small spaces where you cannot get your eye behind the camera. The client was also blown away by the image on the iPad of his boat.