CamRanger Mini


The CamRanger mini hardware device is required to use the CamRanger Mini app. The CamRanger mini is only compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The unit comes with the following:

  • Black Protective Case
  • White Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Black USB Cable for Camera Connection (select appropriate camera)
  • Quick Start Guide

CamRanger is NOT  for unsupported cameras, but for select Canon and Nikon cameras.

Any CamRanger mini will work with any supported camera, however, the USB cable can be different for different cameras. So please select your camera to ensure the correct cable is included. You can use the USB cable that came with your camera.

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Customer Reviews

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Joe D.

Great customer care

James B.

Still waiting for compatibility with the Nikon Z8. Purchased the Mini thinking it would work considering it is compatible with the Z9 and the cameras are so much alike. Hoping the update will come soon. Until then, Mini sits on the shelf.

Z8 support is now available.

Tammie M.
Great investment!

I’m a real estate photographer and was using Nikon’s app as a remote trigger. It had trouble with the latest iOS update, froze up for several minutes at a time, and left me struggling to use my old backup remote triggers in the middle of a shoot. I immediately bought the Camranger mini when finished with the shoot. I have had little to no issues in the two weeks I’ve had it and it has more features than the Nikon SnapBridge app. User friendly and a great investment for me. (I shoot a Nikon z6 mirrorless)

LeRoy G.
Great camera accessory

The CamRanger is a great device. I own several and have no issues . Really good customer support

Gary C.
A great learning tool…

Do you know how the exposure triangle works? Using this app you’ll become an expert.

Set it up as manual, set f stop, iso at 100, and turn on histogram, focus then take a picture.
Overexposed ( histogram to the right of the screen) increase the shutter speed. Underexposed ( histogram to the left) decrease shutter speed…..

Also, using the same settings , change fStop, and see how it affects the shot…

I was interested in how changing the ISO affected the picture…easy peasy to see in a few seconds on my iPad 11 inch screen..

As a landscape guy no more fumbling through menus and memorizing what button does what on my Nikon D4s…

Buy the mini and try it!

You only have to adjust any three sides of the triangle and check and double check to how it all works….simple..

You learn more in a few different shots under different lighting situations, focal distances and apertures than a dozen internet discussion and videos…

And it beats blaming the camera for crappy pictures, lol…