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CamRanger Firmware Upgrade for bridging and sharing - Mac OSX

CamRanger Overview Video

This video provides an overview of the CamRanger Features. The CamRanger allows advanced wireless camera control of over three dozen Canon DSLR and Nikon DSLR cameras (click for supported cameras) and wireless tethering to an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows computer, including the option of wireless shooting into Lightroom. The CamRanger provides advanced remote control of the Canon or Nikon DSLR camera including changing settings, touch focus, remote live view, setting up advanced bracketing, intervalometer (time-lapse), automatic focus stacking, movie recording, as well as rating, comparing and viewing images.

CamRanger: Wireless Motorized Tripod (Pan and Tilt for motion, panoramas, time-lapse)

CamRanger Wireless Motorized Tripod

The CamRanger can connect to the MP-360 (MP-101, Bescor, or Hague) tripod head using the new CamRanger PT Hub, which is made in the USA. The tripod head support up to 6 pounds, it's powered by 4 AA batteries or AC power, has unlimited panning, tilts 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down, has diagonal motion, speed control, and is controlled through the CamRanger app. This gives the photographer the ability to do moving time lapses, bulb ramping, panoramas, motion during movie recording, and much more. Click here to learn more about the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360

CamRanger: Wireless StackShot Control

CamRanger Wireless Automatic Focus Stacking with the StackShot

The CamRanger and CamRanger PT Hub now support the StackShot, which is a useful tool for macro photography. The StackShot macro rails enable incredibly precise control of the distance of the camera for macro adjustments and focus stacking. Focus stacking is a technique commonly used for macro photography. To learn more refer to the macro photography page on our website.

CamRanger Tutorial Videos

CamRanger Social Media Video for iOS and Android Devices

Social Media Additions for iOS and Android

Share images wirelessly from within the CamRanger app on the iPad, iPhone and Android device to social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or flickr, there is now the option to also wirelessly transfer to Dropbox and FTP servers. Images can also be emailed, sent as a text message, or printed wirelessly with compatible from within the app. Once the app is updated and the settings are configured, images can easily be shared with the press of a button. Click here for more information.

CamRanger Firmware Upgrade for bridging and sharing - Mac OSX

CamRanger Firmware Update

Instructions for performing the CamRanger firmware upgrade on Mac OSX. This firmware upgrade enables being able to join existing networks and sharing images and live view with multiple devices. Click here for the firmware update.

CamRanger SharingFeatures and CamRanger Share App

CamRanger Share App Tutorial Video

With the CamRanger Share app the CamRanger user can share images and live view from their iPad or mac with clients, directors, colleagues, and students on their personal smart phones, tablets, or computers during the photo shoot. The CamRanger app user can choose to share all images with those using the CamRanger Share app or can selectively share images. The photographer can also include a watermark on the shared images as well. The CamRanger Share applications can be found on our downloads page.

CamRanger Settings Mac Application

CamRanger Settings Mac Application Tutorial Video

The CamRanger Settings Mac Application is used to configure network bridging, change the CamRanger password, the network channel, and SSID broadcasting. Bridging allows the user to be connected to the CamRanger network and an existing network simultaneously. One may want to change the CamRanger password if the network password is shared with clients or students who are using the CamRanger Share application on their personal devices. Changing the network channel is useful when the CamRanger is used in areas with WiFi interference. Using the application, one can also change the SSID broadcast to make it hidden. The CamRanger Settings application for the Mac can be found on our downloads page.

CamRanger Launcher: Wirelessly Control or Tether Multiple Nikon or Canon cameras from either the Mac or Windows Computer

CamRanger Launcher Application Tutorial Video

Multiple cameras can wirelessly be controlled or tethered from either a Mac or Windows computer using the CamRanger Launcher application. This new application may be useful at events when the photographer would like to stream and/or download images from multiple cameras to one computer. Note that existing WiFi is required along with a CamRanger for each camera being controlled wirelessly. Click for more information about the CamRanger Launcher.

CamRanger Demo Video

CamRanger: Wireless Motorized Tripod (Pan and Tilt for motion, panoramas, time-lapse)

CamRanger Night Photography Demo

This video demonstrates how the CamRanger is beneficial for star photography, star trails using the timelapse/intervalometer and bulb mode, and light painting. Click here to learn more about using the CamRanger for night photography.

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