Wireless Printing with DNP

CamRanger is pleased to now support wireless printing to DNP printers using DNP's new wireless print server: WPS-1. The newest iOS (version 2.2) and Android (version 1.6.2) apps now enable photographers to easily print their images using the CamRanger.



DNP's wireless print server enables wireless printing to a number of their photo printers (currently the DS620A, DS40, DS80, and RX1: check DNP for the latest list).
With the CamRanger, a photographer can either individual select and print specific images, or it can configured for all images to be automatically printed. This opens up a lot of creative possibilities, particular for event photography.


  • The printer and WPS-1 must be configured. It is a fairly simply process, but please refer to the DNP instructions for more information. It is important to remember the order: turn on printer, connect WPS to printer, turn on WPS.
  • The CamRanger must be bridged into the WPS WiFi network. This can be done with the iOS CamRanger app (User Manual - see page 31 ) or using the CamRanger Settings application on a computer.
  • The iOS/Android device should then be joined to either the CamRanger or the WPS WiFi network.
  • Images can be printed either of two ways:
    • Print images individual from the share dialog:
    • Print all images automatically by setting the Auto-Save option to "Print":
  • Note: the initial image will take about 20-30 seconds to print. Subsequent images will be quicker.