Take great pictures during the event while not becoming the center of the event

  • Wireless monitoring - Steam images onto a iPad, iPhone, Android device, Mac, or PC
  • Selectively share images to multiple devices so directors, clients, or event attendees can observe from a distance
  • Perfect for when the camera is on the stage, near the alter, or in the rafters.
  • Start and stop video recording and eliminate camera shake by wirelessly changing settings on the Digital SLR Nikon or Canon camera
  • Use the MP-360 tripod head and CamRanger PT Hub to remotely adjust the camera position
  • Share images to Facebook, Twitter, flickr, Instagram, FTP, and much more
  • Simple integrated wireless printing to DNP printers through the DNP wireless print server: WPS-1
  • Control and tether multiple cameras and CamRangers simultaneously from either a Mac or Windows computer using the CamRanger Launcher application.
  • Supported on Mac and Windows computers.
  • Learn more about multi camera tethering here.
CamRanger is an amazing product! I use the CamRanger on my iPad-mini to control my camera which is mounted on a monopod that can go up in the air for 6 meter. (PhotoMast). I'm shooting a lot of (dance)events, and it is very important that i can change my settings really quickly. Normally i am shooting with a Canon 1Dx and Canon 5D mark 3, but i bought a extra camera (Canon 6D) to use this dedicated on the photomast, together with the CamRanger.

-Kevin Verkruijssen

Tethered shooting was already a revolutionary aspect to photography, but shooting with a CamRanger… Genius!

- Yolande Snyders

CamRanger gives me a competitive edge to go where no other wedding photographers can go, with precise capturing of unique and interesting wedding images.

- Walter van Dusen