Firmware Update - CamRanger Share

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We are excited to announce our newest firmware update, providing some features that many of you have been requesting- including the option to share images with multiple devices and network bridging.

With the CamRanger update, the photographer can take photos from either the camera or an iPad, iPhone or Mac (with Android support coming soon) and have clients, directors, colleagues, or students view the images or live feed from their own device (iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows computer, with Android support coming soon) using the “CamRanger Share” application which is specific for each platform. If the photographer has the watermark feature turned on then the person using the CamRanger Share app will see watermarks as well on their own device.

In addition to adding the ability to share images, the firmware update allows for the photographer to bridge into an existing WiFi network. The CamRanger creates its own WiFi network, but if the photographer wants to bridge into a network to extend the WiFi range or post images to the Internet immediately he or she can.

It should also be noted that the CamRanger firmware update is required for the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 to operate with the CamRanger.

You can download the free CamRanger Share app for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows computer, with Android support coming soon, on our downloads page. Currently you can share images from iOS devices and Mac computers using the CamRanger app, sharing images from the Android CamRanger app will be coming soon.

If you already have the CamRanger and want to take advantage of this free upgrade, click here for the update. Also check out a brief user introduction about the features added with the new firmware.