See our FAQs below to answer some of your more common questions. Or refer to our iOS User’s Manual or Mac User’s Manual for more detailed usage information.



Can I incorporate CamRanger with Lightroom or Aperture?

While you cannot control the CamRanger from within Lightroom or Aperture, you can use the Mac OSX version of the CamRanger software and specify a folder to automatically download images to. This folder can be set to as a “watch” folder within Lightroom or Aperture and set to be automatically imported. For more information about this, refer to Von Wong’s blog “How to wirelessly tether your camera to Lightroom.”

Which iOS devices & versions can be used?

iOS version 5.0 and above is required. The CamRanger app runs on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac computer, and Android devices. Note: older iOS devices do not have enough memory to display full resolution images for certain cameras in certain sizes. However, smaller image sizes will still be able to be displayed.

Is there a version for my computer or Android device?

The CamRanger app is available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Mac OSX 10.7+, Android OS 3.2+ (Honeycomb) and is available in a beta version for Windows computers.

Are you planning on supporting a particular camera model?

We are planning on supporting more camera models, but each model requires careful testing and app modifications as necessary. If there is a particular model you want support for, Contact Us let us know and maybe we’ll bump it up the priority level. Some older cameras can NOT be supported, such as the Canon 5D.


How can I get my iPad to remember the CamRanger WiFi password?

It’s remembering the WiFi password, just for some combinations of iPad’s and CamRanger’s it doesn’t seem to be applying it correctly. If you are prompted for the password, just hit cancel and then attempt to rejoin the network. It will work nearly every time.

How can I attach my CamRanger?

There are a number of attachment options. Each CamRanger includes a black pouch with a clip that can be easily attached to a tripod, camera strap, etc. There are also a number of good options from Tether Tools, including the Mighty Mount, Smart Clip, and StrapMoore. The Mighty Mount and Smart clip can be used to attach to a hot shoe or with a 1/4″-20 screw mount.

Mighty MountSmart Clip


We have also had some customers with some enterprising home brew solutions.

Velcro(TM) on L-bracketTape on Hot Shoe Bubble Level

Can I use CamRanger while it is charging?

Yes, you can continue to use CamRanger while it is charging.

Why does it tell me the image is too large to view?

Camera files can be large, very large in some cases and the iPhone and iPad have limited memory. The 3rd and 4th generation iPad as well as iPhone 5 can display all compatible files. However, some of the older devices do not have enough memory to display the largest of files. For example, the 2nd generation iPad can display all compatible images except for large JPGs on the D800. The 1st generation iPad can display some camera’s large sized images, all medium images except for the D800, and all small JPGs. (Note, this refers to actual image resolution – small/medium/large, and not compression – normal/basic/fine)

Can a single CamRanger work with different cameras?

Yes, each CamRanger can work with any of the supported cameras. However, each CamRanger can only control a single camera at a time.

How does continuous shooting mode work?

Nikon cameras operate by taking a set number of photo each time you press the capture button. You will be able to set the number of shots after selecting a continuous shooting mode. For Canon cameras, the capture button acts much like the real shutter button. It will take pictures as long as the button is pressed and the camera can keep up.

I’m done using CamRanger, why can’t I get the Internet?

You iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch is likely still connected to the CamRanger network. To change network, open the “Settings” app on your device, then select “Wi-Fi” and choose the the approriate network.

I have a Wi-Fi signal, why can’t I connect to the CamRanger?

Likely your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch is not on the CamRanger network, but rather on some other local network. To change network, open the “Settings” app on your device, then select “Wi-Fi” and choose the CamRanger network.

Why are some camera properties disabled?

Canon cameras do not not allow the Auto Exposure Mode or Drive Mode to be set. Nikon allows all of the properties to be set; however, the connection mode needs to be set to “PC” for some properties depending on the camera mode. See the User’s Manual for more information regarding Nikon’s connection mode.

How does my iOS device connect to the CamRanger?

The CamRanger creates its own WiFi network, which can then be joined by your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac computer, or Android device.


From how far away can I control my camera?

WiFi connection strength is adversely affected by distance and obstacles. So the closer you are the camera and the clearer the line of the sight, the better connection and faster transfers you will have. With no obstacles, the CamRanger can be controlled from about 150 feet before connection issues begin to arise.

How long does the CamRanger battery last?

Battery life is dependent on distance to the CamRanger as well as usage as some tasks are more power intensive than others (live view vs intervalometer for example). However, typical battery life is about 5 – 6 hours in typical usage scenarios. Streaming live view at 150 ft may be closer to 3 hours, though over 11 hours can be achieved in intervalometer with no iOS device connected.

What kind of download speed can I achieve?

Transfer speeds are very sensitive to WiFi network strength and of course the size of the image being transferred. Small JPG files (< 5 MB) can be transferred in just a couple seconds. RAW files will take about 10-20 seconds depending on file size and signal strength (a weaker signal will greatly increase the download time).