Time Lapse

A simple and quick set up for time-lapses

CamRanger: Wireless Motorized Tripod (Pan and Tilt for motion, panoramas, time-lapse) Add motion to your time lapse using the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360

  • Use the CamRanger as an intervalometer to create time-lapses
  • After initiating the time-lapse sequence within the CamRanger, the smart phone, tablet, or computer does not need to remain connected
  • The time-lapse can take as many photos that are available on the camera's memory card or the user can specify the number of shots
  • The CamRanger battery will last 10-12 hours during intervalometer mode and can also be used when plugged in to an external power source
  • Supports HDR within the time-lapse sequence
  • Add motion to the time-lapse with the MP-360 and CamRanger PT Hub, using the shoot-move-shoot feature
I've been putting the CamRanger to good use. With the aurora hitting Kp of 7+, I'm filling up memory cards without breaking a sweat! Love this device! I got the opportunity to put the CamRanger to the test for a longer (for me, anyway) time-lapse sequence. On the morning of 6/1, we had an incredible Aurora display. Even using a Zeiss 15mm couldn't cover the whole field of view, which is incredible viewing for as far south as I am, in Big Lake, MN. Typically, with a decent storm, I'm able to get a band on the horizon. Once I dialed in a good exposure setting for the sky, I was able to quickly set up the CamRanger with my 5D MkIII, program a long sequence using my iPad and sit back and enjoy the show. Visit meanfishstudios.com for the resulting time-lapse, covering about 50 minutes of the event, compiled from roughly 500 shots.
- Josh Parsons
Meanfish Studios