Aerial & Pole Photography

Take your photography to new heights with the CamRanger

Pole photography
Pole photography

  • Use Live view to compose the image, remotely change camera settings, and capture images
  • Remotely move the camera with the motorized pan/tilt tripod head and CamRanger PT Hub
  • Great for aerial surveying, as it can be set on intervalometer, event, real estate, commercial, and architectural photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Pole Photography

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Results using a pole....

Remote Camera photography
Aerial Photography

Results at ground level...

Results using a pole...

Add More Wireless Control With the CamRanger PT Hub, MP-360, and Pole

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Remote Pole Photography
Pole Photography

I needed a remote view and triggering mechanism for my camera while using a mast. CamRanger offered this, along with nearly complete control of the camera while it was sitting several meters above my head. I took the mast out for it’s first proper test at sunrise yesterday morning. The CamRanger allowed me to level my shot, frame, and adjust exposure settings. The HDR capability worked well, and I was even able to capture a bit of video, all without having to touch the camera itself. You have made a great product, and I’m really glad to have the CamRanger my kit.

- Adrian F

This shot was commissioned by a local construction company who wanted to showcase their most recent project, which is built to the highest standards of sustainable construction. The project features 50KW solar panels, which were best shown using elevated photography. The Camranger system has revolutionised the way we work at Andrew Lyons Photography, and has completely eliminated the problems encountered when daisy chaining USB cables to remote control the camera from ground level. Snagging and lost connections are a thing of the past now, even at heights up to 26 metres. The client was very impressed when they were able to immediately see the shots from ground level on the tablet being used to operate the system. The control over the camera’s functions is first class and invaluable in providing complete creative control when shooting.

- Andrew Lyons

When I heard of the CamRanger, I was excited about the possibility of using it on my automotive rig shots. Previously, I was having to set up the rig and camera, roll the car, stop, adjust the exposure, roll the car, stop, adjust, etc., etc. Now I can do the setup one time and make my shutter speed adjustments on the fly, which saves a huge amount of time when lighting conditions are changing rapidly. This allows me to quickly capture a range of good exposures for the correct motion effect in the wheels and the road, and a good exposure for the sky. I look forward to exploring new ways to use the CamRanger!

- Jim DeFoor

CamRanger is an amazing product! I use the CamRanger on my iPad-mini to control my camera which is mounted on a monopod that can go up in the air for 6 meter. (PhotoMast). I'm shooting a lot of (dance)events, and it is very important that i can change my settings really quickly. Normally i am shooting with a Canon 1Dx and Canon 5D mark 3, but i bought a extra camera (Canon 6D) to use this dedicated on the photomast, together with the CamRanger.

-Kevin Verkruijssen

Focal Plane Photography’s workflow incorporating the CAMRanger for vertical aerial photography. Using a Canon 5D Mark II pointing straight down through the bottom of our Cessna 172 we fly a pre-planned route to cover the area. The top to bottom overlap is done by our CamRanger set to trigger each image at a time computed based on our ground speed and controlled by the built in intervalometer. In the past, my photographer (and wife) had to climb into the back of the airplane to monitor the camera function. Now, using our iPad mini linked wirelessly to CamRanger, she can monitor the operation from the comfort of “first class” (the front seat). No more “rats nest” of monitor wires, view finder cameras and dongle intervalometer. Life is good! Here’s a sample of a recent composite consisting of 67 individual frames merged in Photoshop CS 7 taken at 3” resolution. Customer is thrilled. It is the campus of Notre Dame College of Ohio.

- Mark & Yvonne Sanderson

I could not be happier with my CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360. The results are there. Going to make my life and job a heck of a lot easier and safer - no more painters pole for me and no more guesswork.

-Craig Capello

Pole Setup with CamRanger, CamRanger PT Hub, and MP-360
view from iPhone
Captured Image