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CamRanger 2 Launcher: Send images from multiple cameras to a single computer

This is an electronic, searchable version of the CamRanger 2 Launcher User Manual for macOS and Windows.


Multiple CamRanger 2’s can each communicate with and send images to a single computer.
In summary, this first requires each CamRanger 2 to be joined (bridged) into an existing WiFi network. The CamRanger2 Launcher application can then be used to identify available CamRanger 2s and their associated IP address. A separate CamRanger 2 application is then started for each selected CamRanger 2 found by the Launcher application.


The CamRanger 2 Launcher application “launches” a separate copy of the normal
CamRanger application for each CamRanger 2. Download and copy the CamRanger 2
application to your computer before proceeding. The CamRanger 2 application can be
downloaded from

Each CamRanger 2 must be bridged into the same existing WiFi network. This WiFi network could be created with a small, portable router for example, if one is not already available. This is required so that a single computer can communicate with multiple CamRanger 2s.

Bridging is done with the WebGUI. Perform the following steps for each CamRanger 2.

  1. Turn on the CamRanger 2 and wait for it to fully initialize.
  2. Connect the computer to the CamRanger 2 network: WiFi or Ethernet (preferred).
  3. Open a web browser and navigate to, assuming the CamRanger 2 IP
    address was not changed.
  4. Enter the default password of admin and click “Login”.
  5. Select the WiFi tab in the web browser.
  6. For the desired WiFi band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), click “Configure” in the Client Network
  7. After a list of available network is displayed, select the desired network and follow the
    prompts to enter the WiFi password.
  8. The CamRanger 2 will restart its networking if the computer is connected to CamRanger
    2 WiFi network. This will cause the WebGUI to disconnect requiring logging back in.
  9. Ensure that an IP address is listed in the Client Network section to confirm that the
    bridging was successful.

Using the CamRanger 2 Launch App

• Scan
Click the “Scan” button and the application will scan for CamRanger 2 units. Any units that are found will then be displayed in the table with their IP address.

• Launch
Click the “Launch” button and a separate CamRanger 2 application will be started for each
CamRanger 2 listing that has a check mark in the Launch column.

• CamRanger 2 app
Each CamRanger 2 app started by the launcher will have the CamRanger 2’s IP address listed in the title bar of the application window.

CamRanger 2 Launcher

Manually “Launching”

The CamRanger 2 application can also be manually stared by providing the CamRanger 2 IP address by issuing the following command from the command line, where the actual IP
should replace ###.###.###.###:

open -n -b com.camranger.CamRanger2 –args -ipAddress ###.###.###.###

<path>/CamRanger 2.exe ###.###.###.###

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