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Refer to the camera setup article for information on important camera settings.

Charge CamRanger Mini

Connect a USB micro cable to the CamRanger Mini charging port to charge. The device can be charged from a powered USB port or any standard 1V/5A USB AC adapter.

A blue LED next to the charging port will turn on while charging and turn off when the battery is fully charged. Fully charging the battery should take about 2-3 hours.

Download the CamRanger Mini App

Download the CamRanger Mini App from the Google Play Store on your Android device, or the App Store on your iOS device. The easiest way to find it is to search “CamRanger Mini” within the Play Store app or App Store app.

Connect the camera to the CamRanger Mini

Connect the camera to the CamRanger Mini using the appropriate type of USB cable. An angled USB mini cable is provided, which works for most cameras. However, some cameras use different cable types. The camera comes with the correct cable, or another cable can be purchased.

Connect to the CamRanger Mini WiFi network

Turn on the CamRanger Mini and wait about 30-45 seconds for the device to initialize. When it is ready the blue WiFi LED will turn on.

Next, go to the Settings on the iPad/iPhone or Android device and select the WiFi section. Select and join the WiFi  network “CamRanger-___” where the last three characters are the last three characters in the CamRanger Mini serial code. The WiFi password is the CamRanger Mini serial code in all CAPS.

If you are having difficulties connecting or maintaining a connection please see the connection troubleshooting article.

Launch App

After ensuring the camera is turned on and awake, launch the CamRanger Mini app.

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