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“Why should I use the CamRanger when most new cameras come with bluetooth/in-camera wifi to connect to your mobile device?” It’s a good question. Whether it’s Canon’s Camera Connect, Fujifilm’s Camera Remote, Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility, or Sony’s Play Memories or Image Edge Mobile, in-camera WiFi has its uses and serves a purpose. The camera manufacturer’s make amazing cameras. However, their reputation for software and how it interacts with their cameras is not as stellar.

5 Reasons the CamRanger 2 is better than camera WiFi

1 – Speed

When it comes to thinking through the gear you want to bring on a shoot, the last thing you want in your bag is something that will slow you down. CamRanger is fast, both in connecting to your camera and in displaying the images you’re shooting. The CamRanger can connect to your phone, tablet, or computer, in a matter of seconds. In-camera WiFi has a reputation for being time-consuming to get connected.

Speed is also an important consideration when it comes to image review. For example, let’s say your client is with you on the shoot, and they’re holding the iPad connected to the CamRanger. When you take a photo, you don’t want to have them waiting and waiting for an image to show up. With the CamRanger, your client can follow along with the images you’re taking as you’re taking them.

2 – Control / Professional Workflows

One of the biggest differences between the CamRanger and your basic in-camera WiFi mobile app is the level of control offered to you as a photographer. With an in-camera WiFi connection, you’ll probably be able to see live-view, adjust exposure settings, and capture and view images. And likely it can be done in somewhat limited ways. But with the CamRanger, your options for control are far more expansive.

With the CamRanger, you can fine-tune focus with micro adjustments so that your focus lands exactly where you want it, set up bracketed image sequences for HDR or focus-stacking, plan out and execute timelapses and long exposure photos using the intervalometer, rate images, share your images to multiple devices, DropBox, or printers, save images to the CamRanger 2 SD card as a backup, control multiple camera from one computer, apply watermarks and overlays to your images, and so much more. The CamRanger was developed for professional photographers with professional workflows and the difference is clear.

3 – Reliability

When you’re on location at a shoot, you need gear that just works. With the CamRanger, you can trust that the connection is stable and reliable. The last thing you want is to be fussing with technology with a client looking over your shoulder or the sun rapidly setting. You need professional equipment that works right the first time.

Whether you’re shooting headshots, patiently waiting for an eagle to return to its nest, or inputting settings for a focus-stacked image sequence, you can rest easy knowing that the CamRanger just works.

4 – Easy to Use

Photographers are generally pretty good at learning new software and apps. But what about your clients? When you’re working with a client, and their team wants to review and rate images throughout the shoot, they’ll be able to intuitively navigate the CamRanger app allowing you to focus on what you’re there for: taking great photos. They’ll be able to swipe, pinch to zoom, rate 1-5 stars, and more, all within the app.

5 – Range / Connection Strength

One of the biggest strengths of the CamRanger is the range. You can be up to 500 feet away from the CamRanger 2 and still experience a stable connection with your device. With longer range also comes a more robust WiFi signal that is less impacted by interference, such as from other WiFi networks. So you get a WiFi signal that is both stronger and goes farther. The range offered to you by the CamRanger gives you so much mobility on your shoots and opens up so many possibilities on-location.

As a bonus, the CamRanger is self powered and does not drain your camera’s battery with a WiFi signal like in-camera WiFi will do.

Bonus – Reviews!

When it comes to comparing the CamRanger to in-camera WiFi, don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say!

“I find that the CamRanger is faster to connect and stays connected much better than my camera WiFi.”

- Dave
“I (tried) the built in WiFi in the camera. It works, but it's slow, eats through batteries, and has no real functions that are pro usable. Bought the CamRanger 2, wow what a difference. Only wish I had gotten one sooner.”

- Matthew
“All the professional cameras I've owned over the last 5 years or so have had built-in wifi with a proprietary app. The problem with all of them including the most recent cameras I have is that the range, speed, reliability and functionality of the built in wireless just isn't great… I found the CamRanger 2 and never looked back. The speed is great, range is great, battery life is great, I just love this thing.”

- Brenden
“I operated in a 3000-person mega event. In the past that has meant extreme interference and I previously had problems remaining connected. With the CamRanger 2 I remained connected without fail all through the evening. The CamRanger 2 is more stable, works over a longer distance and gives you the 5gHz option as well. If it worked under those conditions, it will withstand anything.”

- Jane
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