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The following are recommended settings for using a Canon camera with the CamRanger 2 or CamRanger mini. Not all camera models will necessarily have all of these settings.

  • Exposure Simulation: Camera setting that controls if the live view exposure should match the camera’s exposure settings, or always show a reasonably exposed image. Typically a photographer would want exposure simulation off when the ambient light doesn’t match the amount of light during capture, such as when using strobes or flashes.
  • Image Playback Time: Camera setting that specifies how long an image should be shown on the camera’s rear LCD. A long playback time can impact certain functions, most notably it can slow down focus stacking.
  • In-Camera WiFi: In-camera WiFi and all similar settings must be turned OFF.
  • Image Transfer/FTP: Any image transfer and FTP transfer settings must be turned OFF.

Also check out our video on the setup for a Canon for fast wireless tethering.

Canon wireless tethering demo
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