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The CamRanger 2 has the ability to be controlled or monitored in real time from a different location. Similarly to when the photographer is close to the camera/app, from miles away the photographer can change camera settings, adjust focus, capture and view images, and much more, all over the Internet. With the use of the motorized tripod head, remote motion is possible as well. This is a great option for virtual photoshoots and video recording remotely. The CamRanger 2 has been used as a successful solution for social distancing requirements and limited travel options.

The easiest way to achieve remote control is to use a computer and a remote desktop software. Software such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, macOS Screen Sharing, and Chrome Remote Desktop are all possible solutions. Certain software are more applicable for different desktops. Remote control of an Android may be possible, but depends on your exact Android device.

CamRanger does not provide any easy, direct way to access over the Internet. While it can be possible to configure, it is recommended to use one of the screen sharing options listed above.

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