Samba/SMB and HTTP SD Card Access

Images on the CamRanger 2 SD card can be accessed outside of the app either in a web browser or as a Samba share (SMB). Both options require being connected to the CamRanger 2 network.

HTTP SD Card Access

Web Viewer

Web GUI Login

Thumbnails and images saved on the CamRanger 2 SD card can be accessed using a web browser. Just like when accessing the web GUI, use a web browser to navigate to (or the current CamRanger IP address). Then click the “SD Card Gallery” button. Thumbnails for all the images will load and the images can be viewed and/or downloaded. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge that image.

HTTP Thumbnails
HTTP Image

SMB / Samba SD Card Access

The SD card in the CamRanger 2 can also be mounted as a read-only samba share. More simply, the SD card can be accessed like a normal drive from nearly any platform. This opens up a large number of workflows, for example, selects could be saved to the SD card where an assistant on a remote computer can quickly transfer these selects and begin processing.

macOS SMB Setup

  • In the Finder, select Go -> Connect to Server. . . from menu bar
  • Enter smb://CamRanger or smb://<CamRanger IP Address>
SMB Connect Mac
  • Select to connect as a Guest
SMB Authenticate Mac

Windows Samba Share Setup

  • In the Windows Explorer, right click on “This PC” in the left panel and select “Add a network location. . .”
  • Select “Choose a custom network location”
  • Enter \\\Mounted Devices as the location (where is the CamRanger’s IP address)
SMB Connect Windows

iOS & Android SMB Access

It is possible to use third party apps on iOS or Android to connect to and browse a Samba share.

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