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Sony Setup

The following are recommended settings for using a Sony camera with the CamRanger 2. Not all camera models will necessarily have all of these settings. For help in finding settings, please refer to Sony’s searchable online manuals:

An SD card is required in the CamRanger 2 when using a Sony camera. If you are having difficulties with the SD card being recognized, please perform a low level exFAT reformat on a computer.

  • Remote Ctrl: Camera setting that enables the CamRanger to control the Camera. This must be turned on.
  • USB Connection: Camera setting that must be set to PC Remote.
  • USB LUN Setting: Camera setting that should be set to Multi.
  • USB Power Supply: Camera setting that controls if the camera should charge from the USB port. Generally, this should be turned off as it will drastically reduce the CamRanger’s battery life.
  • Control with Smartphone: This camera setting must be turned OFF.
  • PC Remote Settings: Camera setting that controls where images should be saved. It is recommended to the set the Still Image Save Destination to PC+Camera. Images will be saved to the camera’s memory and sent to the CamRanger. The recommend RAW+JPG PC Save Image setting depends on the photographers workflow. For quick previews, this should be set to JPEG only and the image format should be set to RAW+JPG.
  • Exposure Step: Camera setting that controls the step size between exposure values. Only 0.3EV is supported for changing shutter speed and ISO.
  • Live View Display: Camera setting that controls if the live view exposure should match the camera’s exposure settings, or always show a reasonably exposed image. Typically a photographer would want this set to “Setting Effect OFF” when the ambient light doesn’t match the amount of light during capture, such as when using strobes or flashes.
  • WiFi Settings: Any in-camera functionality should be turned off.
  • Auto Review: Camera setting that controls how long an image is previewed on the camera’s rear LCD. Turning this off can improve the speed of some CamRanger functions.
  • AF w/ shutter: Sets if the camera should focus when the shutter is pressed. This must be turned on for touch focus to work.
  • Long Exposure Noise Reduction: Camera setting that enables automatically taking a “dark frame subtraction” shot after captures of longer than 1″. Not supported for intervalometer sequences.
  • Focus Mode: Touch focus is only compatible with select focus modes.

Also check out our video on the setup for a Sony for fast wireless tethering.

Sony Wireless Tethering Demo
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