Macro photography & Focus Stacking

With the help of the CamRanger get your macro shots in micro time!

  • Use your large screen on a tablet or computer (iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac, or Windows computer) to check and change critical focus, and magnify live view for extreme detail
  • Touch the live view image to focus on that spot or fine tune with precise adjustments
  • Perform automatic focus stacking, bracket the focal planes to result in a larger depth of field
  • Perfect for when your camera is in the weeds, under the bushes, or out of reach

Motorized Focus Stacking (use with macro and micro lenses)

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In addition to the CamRanger allowing automatic focus stacking with lenses having AF, the StackShot by Cognisys, now provides a motorized option for performing automatic focus stacking with all lenses, including the Canon MP-E 65 mm lens and microphotography lenses. We have updated the CamRanger to be able to control the StackShot (via iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows computer) using the PT Hub. Check out the video below to see how it works.

CamRanger and CamRanger PT Hub support for the StackShot

The StackShot macro rails enable incredibly precise control of the distance of the camera for macro adjustments and focus stacking. Focus stacking is a technique commonly used for macro photography. For a brief definition, focus stacking is when a series of pictures captured at different focal distances are merged using a third party software, resulting in an image with enhanced depth of field. The CamRanger provides a simple interface while the StackShot provides the precise incremental movement, with steps as small as 0.002 millimeters. The photographer has the ability to move the camera from within the CamRanger app, as well as perform automatic focus stacking. Within the CamRanger app there are multiple ways of starting the stacking process, including selecting a starting point and an ending point and selecting the step size for in-between the start and end point, the StackShot will then move accordingly. The photographer also has the option to do HDR focus stacking. After the images are captured, they can be stacked using a third party software, such as Zerene Stacker.

The StackShot Macro Rails

Refer to the StackShot website for more information about the StackShot and additional triggering solutions.

Note that a CamRanger firmware update is required for the StackShot compatibility with the CamRanger and CamRanger PT Hub. The CamRanger firmware must be version 7 or up. Click here for the update.

CamRanger is a real handy solution especially for macro where the small screen of a camera is useless to obtain a really fine depth of field precision. For this orchid (5/1!!!) we obtain a very high result with an iPad. With CamRanger no more wire, I can take macro pictures as far as I wish from my desktop with a higher precision and better settings (light simulation….). I save time for post-production. As a conclusion : I dreamed of it, you did it.

- Daniel V

Because mushrooms, for the most part, are small subjects and grow on/near the ground, I often find myself on my hands and knees trying to either look through the viewfinder or at a three inch LCD screen to compose and focus on my subjects. Photographing mushrooms, therefore, is a challenging endeavor, especially at age 67. The CamRanger has provided the perfect solution for my passion. With the iPad in my lap or on the ground next to me, composition is easily acquired using my Really Right Stuff ball head, locking in the scene when everything lines up on the iPad. The large iPad touch screen makes critical focusing a snap and the capture is made without ever touching the camera. The CamRanger has made my passion a great deal more comfortable, productive and efficient and has, no doubt, extended the number of years that I am going to be able to pursue this without a nurse at my side. Thanks for the great customer support in helping me to get up and running with this system.

- Edward M

An image made with a Canon EOS 6D, a Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 Planar and a 27mm extension tube. Focusing and depth of field are critical on macro images like this and although modern digital cameras have very good screens they cannot compete with the Camranger/iPad combination for zooming right in to check focus and DOF, even with a manually focused image like this. Also the ability to fire the shutter directly from the CamRanger/iPad means there is far less chance of any camera shake.

- Mark Simpson

Day Lily
Since the camera was going to be in a spot I could not access without disturbing the subject, I used the CamRanger system with an iPad. The Cam Ranger acts as a wireless live view screen with nearly full control over the camera’s settings, along with several other capabilities like HDR exposure bracketing, intervalometer, long exposure timer, focus peaking, and Focus stacking. As with my RRS gear I feel like the Camranger is a gadget that pays for itself every time I use it.

- Ellis Vener

These shots show my camera on the ground with a 14mm super wide angle lens being used with my CamRanger and controlled by my iPad. Lining up the shot and focusing could not have been accomplished without CamRanger. I love this product!!!!!!

- Edward M