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Android Downloads


All CamRanger Android apps are downloaded from the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store app on your phone or tablet, and search for CamRanger. Be sure to select the right app for your device, original CamRanger or CamRanger Mini.

The CamRanger Mini app supports Android OS 5 (Lollipop)+. The original CamRanger app and CamRanger Share app supports Android OS 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)+.

Higher end Kindle Fire device are also compatible with the original CamRanger and CamRanger Mini. These apps are downloaded from the Amazon App Store.

  • 1.0 – Initial Release
  • 1.1 – Fix to launch crash on certain devices
  • 1.1.1 – Fix for crash attempting to share image on certain devices
  • 1.1.2 – Rotated live view display fix, Keep display awake Minor bug fixes
  • 1.1.3 – Large tablet support, D5 live view fix
  • 1.1.5 – Firmware update (V2 – Nikon meta data fix)
  • 1.1.6 – Firmware update (V3 – Reset fix)
  • 1.1.7 -Grid lines fix Load session and view image crash fix Image swipe fix
  • 1.1.8 – Firmware version 4, EOS R support, Nikon Z6/Z7 support, EOS multi-card fix, Focus stacking fix, HDR additional delay fix
  • 1.1.9 – Optional version 5 firmware (D7000 HDR fix), Z7 ISO values fix
  • 1.2 – Fixes for EOS Rebel, focus stacking fix when focal length is unknown
  • 1.2.1 – Touch focus fix
  • 1.2.2 – Crash fix for some older Nikons
  • 1.2.3 – Touch focus fix, Canon 1/2 stop exposure compensation fix, clear error on Nikon live view focus failure