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If your Android device seems to connect to the CamRanger WiFi network within the device settings but is not connecting in the CamRanger app or is quickly disconnecting, it is likely your Android device causing the problem. The Android device is likely trying to be smart and because the CamRanger network doesn’t have Internet access, it automatically tries other WiFi networks or the cell network.

First, please check the advanced WiFi settings for anything related to switching networks and ensure that it is off. These have different names, such as “auto-switch networks”, or “avoid bad WiFi networks”. Then tell your device to “forget” the CamRanger network. Join the CamRanger network and then wait for a popup to appear asking if you would like to remain connected to the network. Select to remain connected and to remember your answer.

If problems continue, the Android device may be trying to use the cellular network. Please try temporarily disabling mobile data (if present on your device).

For more general WiFi troubleshooting, please see the general WiFi troubleshooting page.

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