WiFi Connection

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The CamRanger creates its own WiFi network which can be joined like any other normal WiFi network. The default password is the CamRanger serial code in all CAPS.

If you are unable to join the CamRanger WiFi network, please perform the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Try again (sometimes the process can just time out and needs another try)
  • Ensure you are entering the password correctly (serial code in all CAPS)
  • Disable any VPN configuration on your phone/tablet/computer
  • For the original CamRanger, ensure that the password wasn’t changed with the separate CamRanger Settings application
  • Go outside with the CamRanger and WiFi device and try again to rule out environmental interference, which can be very difficult to predict

Some Android devices require additional steps, please refer to this Android WiFi Connection article for Android specific troubleshooting.

Windows computers will often show the connection as “Limited”. This is expected and simply means that the computer cannot connect to the Internet through the current connection, which is expected.

If you are having problems with occasional disconnects or WiFi speed/range problems, please refer to the WiFi Speed / Range article.