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For a demo of the auto view settings and how they work, please check out our YouTube video.

The CamRanger mini and CamRanger 2 can be configured to automatically display images as they are captured. This behavior is controlled by the Auto View Images setting within the Controls section in the settings in the CamRanger app. Off is the default value. thumbnails for new images are displayed, but the user must select a thumbnail to view the image. When set to On, images will be automatically displayed after the thumbnails appear, without any user action.

The CamRanger mini app only has these two options, On and Off. The CamRanger 2 also has a “Camera” setting. When set to Camera, the photographer can control from the camera which images are displayed. How to trigger an image from the camera to be downloaded depends on the camera manufacturer.

  • Canon – Change the image rating (can immediately be changed back)
  • Nikon – Lock the image (can immediately be unlocked)
  • Fujifilm – Camera does not support this feature
  • Sony – Camera does not support this feature

The Camera setting for Auto View Images can be very useful in giving the photographer more control from the camera. It can also be combined with image sharing options such as Dropbox or FTP to control from the camera which images are shared.

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