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Camera Connection

The CamRanger connects to the camera with a USB cable. There is nothing special about this cable, but the correct USB cable type must be used for the specific camera.

The following troubleshooting steps should be done to try to diagnose/solve camera connection problems:

  • Confirm that camera is on, awake, and the USB cable is full connected
  • Try connecting again
  • Confirm neither the camera nor CamRanger battery is very low
  • Restart the camera
  • Ensure the camera’s in-camera WiFi is disabled
  • Ensure that any FTP transfer or image sharing on the camera is disabled (On the Canon 5D IV this will result in the camera getting “stuck” after shooting a few images)
  • Try a different USB cable
  • Connect the camera directly to a computer with a USB cable and confirm that images can be downloaded to ensure that the camera’s USB port is still functional
  • If it is a new camera, it may be required to update the CamRanger app and/or CamRanger firmware.

On the original CamRanger, the third LED from the edge will turn on when a low-level USB connection is made. The CamRanger mini does not have any similar indicator.

If connection problems continue to occur, please contact us, providing as much information on the problem as possible.

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