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Canon 1Ds III Works With The CamRanger 2, CamRanger Mini, And Original CamRanger

Using CamRanger Products With Your 1Ds III

The Canon 1Ds III is compatible with the CamRanger 2, CamRanger Mini, and the original CamRanger, opening up a whole new world of features and options for your camera. Use the CamRanger 2 to wirelessly tether and control your camera settings, use live view, adjust focus, capture and review images, and so much more!

  • The CamRanger 2 can be used with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices
  • The CamRanger Mini can be used with iOS and Android devices 
  • The 1Ds III uses a mini USB cable
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Wireless Advanced Control For Your Canon Camera

Having the CamRanger connected to your Canon 1Ds III camera will give you advanced control from up to 500 feet away. You’ll be able to adjust exposure settings like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, fine-tune focus, tweak white balance, and more, all from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Canon 1Ds III Supported Features

  • Modify Camera Properties
  • Live View
  • Capture Images
  • Capture in All Drive Modes (continuous shooting not supported)
  • View Images
  • Toggle Auto Focus
  • Live View Zoom
  • Live View Focus (incremental focus adjustment only)
  • Focus Stacking
  • Intervalometer
  • HDR / Advanced Bracketing
  • Bulb Mode
  • Save Images
  • Delete Images from Camera

Unsupported Features

  • Toggle Auto Focus
  • Record Movie
  • Focus during Movie
  • Set Auto Exposure Mode

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see how you can best utilize your CamRanger products with the Canon 1Ds III!

Use Your iPad or iPhone To Adjust, Capture, and Review Photos

When your Canon 1Ds III is connected to the CamRanger 2, your tablet, phone, or computer allow you to gain advanced control of your camera via the CamRanger app. Make adjustments to camera settings, take photos, and review images as they’re being taken in real-time. You can even rate them on a 5-star scale and quickly share them to DropBox, an FTP, or social media.

Our Customer Reviews Speak For Themselves

“The CamRanger works flawlessly on all our Canon bodies (5D Mark IV, 5DsR, EOS R…). We use it for fashion, products, and all commercial shoots. Lightweight, the range is great. No problem at all.” – Emmanuel

“I used the CamRanger 2 for a job running live at an event for 8 hours on a Canon EOS R. It was solid and the transferring of videos wirelessly was more stable than any other method we’ve tried. ” – Kevin

“Setup and connection of the CamRanger 2 to my Canon was totally straightforward, and I have never experienced a single disconnection issue whatsoever. I use the CamRanger 2 for macro photography with focus stacking and for photographing the wide variety of birds that come to our backyard feeder.” – Tom

Do More With Your Camera

The Canon 1Ds III and CamRanger products are the perfect pair for your photography needs. Buy the CamRanger 2 today

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