Nikon Setup

The following are recommended settings for using a Nikon camera with the CamRanger 2 or CamRanger mini. Not all camera models will necessarily have all of these settings.

  • Connection Mode: CamRanger setting with two options PC and Camera
    • PC: The camera is physically locked out, but more control is possible remotely. Specifically, camera controls set with physical knobs or dials can be changed with the CamRanger, such as drive mode, focus switch, etc.
    • Camera: The camera can be physically controlled, but the CamRanger cannot change as many camera settings.
  • Exposure Preview: Camera setting that controls if the live view exposure should match the camera’s exposure settings, or always show a reasonably exposed image. Only higher end Nikons have this setting. Typically a photographer would want exposure simulation off when the ambient light doesn’t match the amount of light during capture, such as when using strobes or flashes. To change this, disconnect the CamRanger, and on the camera, turn on live view and press the OK button to toggle on and off.
  • Silent Photography / Silent Shutter: Enabling silent photography on mirrorless cameras can cause capture and other issues and so should be disabled.

Also check out our video on the setup for a Nikon for fast wireless tethering:

Nikon Wireless Tethering Demo
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