How to do Focus Stacking / Focus Bracketing with the CamRanger

The CamRanger mini and CamRanger 2 hardware and software app enable focus stacking for Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm cameras. The CamRanger 2 is required for focusing bracketing with Sony and Fuji cameras. This page will show you how to do focus stacking with the CamRanger. Check out our demo videos for each camera manufacturer: […]

Adjusting / Setting Focus Remotely for Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm cameras

The CamRanger 2 and CamRanger mini allow for remote focus adjustment for Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, and Canon cameras. Fuji and Sony cameras require using the CamRanger 2. Check out our video for a demo on remote focus options: For information on how to perform focus stacking/focus bracketing please refer to this page. Focus can be […]