Social Media Additions for iOS and Android

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  • Post images to social media instantly from within the CamRanger iOS application. After updating your CamRanger app, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, an FTP server, or Dropbox from within the app.
  • One can also directly print images to a compatible printer and e-mail and text message images.
  • These share features are easily accessed when an image(s) is selected and by pressing "Share" at the bottom of the CamRanger application.
  • Either WiFi or cellular data must be in use in order to share images during the CamRanger session.
  • For commercial, group or portrait shots, the photographer can even specify the folder to save images to within Dropbox and the FTP server. The user can also selectively print images wirelessly during events or weddings.
  • Selectively print images wirelessly during events or weddings.
  • These new features can be accessed while using other CamRanger features, including sharing to multiple devices and auto saving to either the iOS photo library, an FTP server, or Dropbox.
  • These features are currently available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and iPad mini) and Android devices.

Facebook icon


The user will need to sign into their Facebook account via the iOS settings. When posting to Facebook the user can edit the caption, specify the photo album, location, and audience.

Instagram icon


After clicking on the Instagram icon, the Instagram app will open with the selected image will be available for editing and posting to Instagram. The user will be prompted to sign into Instagram if not already signed in. After posting the image to Instagram, one can resume their CamRanger session.

flickr icon


The user must first sign into their flickr account within the iOS settings. Once signed in, one can post to flickr by pressing "more" within the CamRanger share tab.

Twitter icon


The user must first sign into their Twitter account from within the iOS settings. After pressing the Twitter icon the user can rename the image and choose to include a location.

Dropbox icon


To set up access to ones Dropbox account, the user will need to enter the CamRanger "Settings" and then click on "Transfer" to enter in the Dropbox user information. Once signed into one’s account, images can be saved to the Dropbox account.

FTP icon

FTP Server

To set up access to an FTP server, the user will need to enter the CamRanger "Settings" and then click on "Transfer", to enter in the FTP information. Once the FTP server is connected, the user can share images to the FTP server.

photo library icon

iOS Photo Library

Save individual images or auto save all images to the iOS photo library.

CamRanger Share icon

CamRanger Share

The user can selectively share images to users with the CamRanger Share app on their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

email icon

Airprint icon

Message icon


Message: Send images via iMessage or text message.
Mail: Send images via e-mail. If one is not bridged into an existing WiFi or have access to cellular data, one can send the e-mail and it will remain in the “outbox” and send once connected to the Internet or cellular data.
iCloud: Send images to iCloud
Copy: Copy images to paste in a different application.
Print: Print images from any AirPrint compatible printer. After clicking print, the user must select the correct printer and number of prints.