Accurately Calibrate Images with ColorTRUE

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The CamRanger iPad and iPhone app is now compatible with X-Rite's color calibrator. X-Rite ColorTRUE is a color calibration tool used to accurately correct the color. CamRanger is the first third party app to provide compatibility with ColorTRUE. If the photographer is viewing images within the CamRanger app using a iPhone or iPad, the colors are not accurate since the colors on these devices drift over time, causing color distortion when viewed. Now utilizing ColorTRUE, the CamRanger app can seamlessly access the ColorTRUE profile within the app allowing the photographer to view images with accuracy.

If desired, the user can select from a number of predefined environments, such as Outdoors or Office, to more accurately display images based on the ambient light.

As seen in the image below, the user can easily toggle the ColorTRUE calibration on of off for each image from within the CamRanger app.

X-Rite Devices Supported with the iOS version of ColorTRUE

  • ColorMunki Smile
  • ColorMunki Display
  • i1Pro 2
  • i1Display Pro
  • Learn more about ColorTrue on the X-Rite website.